MeeFS intelligent façade presented as a case study in BPIE 2017 Status report

The multifunctional energy efficient façade system for building retrofitting developed within the MeeFS project has been presented as a case study in a report of the BPIE (the Buildings Performance Institute Europe).


MeeFs project crosses the finish line

Magdalena Rozanska: "It was five years of hard work and we learnt many lessons along the way"

As a dedicated architect, Magdalena Rozanska strongly believes in retrofitting, making old buildings energy efficient and adapting them to modern energy standards. She has been coordinating the MeeFS project, which started in 2012, and aimed at developing an innovative multifunctional and energy efficient façade system. She sums up the achievements so far.


MeeFS video released!

The MeeFS project, coming to an end on 31st of December 2016, aimed to develop, evaluate and demonstrate an innovative energy efficient multifunctional façade system for retrofitting geared towards the residential building sector. The innovative concept applies multifunctional panels and technological modules, as well as composite façade structure materials, all easily integrated in the façade for building envelope retrofitting.


Commission seeks to improve Energy Efficiency of Buildings

The European Commission released on 30 November a new package of measures designed to keep the European Union competitive as the clean energy transition changes global energy markets. The "Clean Energy for All Europeans" legislative package includes nine legislative proposals along with seven non-legislative communications and reports, in which the EU commits to cut CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and sets a target of at least 27% of all energy consumed to come from renewable sources.


MeeFS retrofitting system showcased at ECTP conference

MeeFS was showcased as an example of cutting-edge innovation during the 7th European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) conference, attended by over 100 people in Brussels last week.


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