New article published: Buildings producing their own energy prepared for tomorrow’s cities

An innovative façade, able to turn solar energy into heat for residents' use, will be installed next year in a building in Merida, Spain. The complex insulation system has passed all the tests and will prove its capabilities in real-life conditions. 


MeeFs workshop: Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?

Vienna, 02 November 2015 – Professional stakeholders from the building and energy sectors gathered in Vienna to discuss the deployment of pre-fabricated façades in energy efficient building projects. Hosted by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) of Vienna and organised in partnership with the EU-GUGLE and MEEFS projects, the workshop gave an opportunity to focus on lessons learnt from real life projects.


From passive to active: face lifting façades

The biggest current innovation in façade design stems from a modular façade with smart materials that act as an active skin to make old buildings energy efficient


MeeFs - Smart building monitoring to respond to all climate conditions


A grid of sensors embedded into an innovative building insulation activates specific façade components to optimise energy savings while improving aesthetics


''A smart façade that saves energy and reduces bills''- new article published

Using a novel energy efficient façade improves the comfort of residents while saving them money


Imagine a hot climate in a residential building at noon: the shutters are down. There is no breeze but the air is not stifling. This is possible thanks to a ventilated façade that circulates fresh air saved the previous night.


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