Products under development

The products under development in MeeFS are the different parts which make up the whole multifunctional energy efficient façade system for building retrofitting.

This new system will allow a 27% reduction of the total energy demand, in order to increase energy efficiency and indoor comfort of the residential buildings in European climate zones. It will incorporate innovative solutions by means of active and passive technologies solutions combination.

It is composed of the structural panels which is to be fixed onto the façades of buildings; the technological modules which are to be fitted into the panels. The technological modules are in turn the containers for the technological units. The whole façade system will be managed and controlled by an Intelligent Control System while specialised management software will also be put in place for the energy management aspects called the Building Energy Management System. Finally, a guide of design and an accompanying decision-support system will also be developed to ensure the proper implementation, maintenance and use of the façade system.

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