Technological Units

Technological units will be of different types and will be fitted into the technological modules and then onto the facade of the building.

The multifunctional panel

There are 4 different types of technologies that will be explored in the development process of the Technological Units. They are to be based on an efficient combination of technological units which utilise active and passive technologies.

Four types of technologies are to be explored during the development and demonstration phases of the project. There will be “off the shell” technologies which are already demonstrated; state of the art technologies which are innovative technologies that are not fully demonstrated; in the development stage technologies which are currently running in research projects and finally two new breakthrough technologies which the MeeFS project will develop and demonstrate.

Some examples of technological units are:

Technological units

The two new breakthrough technologies are: Advanced passive solar protector & energy absorption unit and Advanced passive solar collector and ventilation unit.

 Advanced passive solar protector & energy absorption unit

This technological unit’s break-through innovation is the integration of different passive strategies within the same unit.

A new multifunctional slats system will be developed under MeeFS.

The novel system will:

  • Utilise a variety of passive strategies within the same unit and its functioning will be defined by meteorological conditions
  • Be adaptive to the envelope, thus integrating in the MeeFS retrofitting system

The technological unit will be formed by a row of horizontal rotating multifunctional slats (manufactured with two different materials and selective coatings). The position of the slats will change to adapt to the meteorological conditions with a simple system of sensors modifying the slats’ position.

Advanced passive solar protector & energy absorption unit


Advanced passive solar collector and ventilation unit

This proposed concept is based on passive dual-layer bioclimatic configurations which are integrated into a unique module.
The system will consist of:

  • A semitransparent external layer
  • A lightweight high inertia internal wall
  • An air circulation space between them
  • A controllable cladding system

A patent application filed in December 2009, allows the advanced ventilation management to be applied in passive solar collectors. It can manage the ventilation patterns of most widespread bioclimatic passive systems (Trombe wall, Parietodynamic wall, ventilated façade, solar chimney and passive cooling), all of which are integrated in the same technological unit.

This level of integration of passive bioclimatic systems into a modular concept has never been achieved. This system doesn’t require additional HVAC equipment, and thus is passive in terms of its energy consumption. Even as a passive system, it is actively controlled, which extends its functionalities beyond traditional dual layer façades. The main innovation of this system is an air flow controlling louver system that selects the most appropriate airflow pattern in the collector. The system also includes a cladding element, which prevents heat dissipation in the absence of sun in winter and prevents day heating in summer.

The louver system and cladding element are intended to function as part of an intelligent building-level integrated system. This way, the most appropriate functioning mode –heating, ventilation or cooling - will be provided depending on the external conditions and user needs.

Advanced passive solar collector and ventilation unit

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