Retrofitting facade concept

The present project, MeeFS (Multifunctional energy efficient façade system for building retrofitting), aims to develop, evaluate and demonstrate an innovative energy efficient multifunctional façade system geared towards the residential building sector. The result should bring a flexible and modular solution. Flexible as it could be adapted to different architectonic configurations and typologies. And Modular as a system that combines different technological solutions.

Challenges of current practices in retrofitting

There are a variety of challenges that the sector is facing given the current retrofitting practices which leave considerable room for improvement. Most solutions available in the market only offer thermal insulation, have low aesthetics and are rather uniform in terms of applicability to different types of buildings and to different façade orientations. Climate and energy needs are also not properly considered and they make little use of innovative technologies (passive and active).

Concept Idea: A Multifunctional Energy Efficient Façade System for Building Retrofitting

multifonctionnal facade

The concept idea of MeeFS is based on efficiency and on a multifunctional integrated system.  It is an innovative façade concept for retrofitting which applies multifunctional energy efficient panels and technological modules, as well as innovative composite façade structure materials, all easily integrated in the façade for building envelope retrofitting. This new and innovative façade system will be easily adapted to fit a variety of climatic conditions and any type of residential building façade, making it highly flexible in terms of use and deployment. This has the potential to drastically improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Europe.

Energy Efficient panels and modules integrated in the façade will include a particular technology for reducing energy demand of the building or for supplying energy by means of RES; two new energy efficient modules will be developed: Advanced Passive Solar Protector and Energy Absorption auto mobile unit, and Advanced Passive Solar Collector and Ventilation Module.

The façade system will be manufactured on composite materials (FRP - Fibre Reinforced Polymer) for improved lightness. Previous Life Cycle Analysis studies for the proposed materials have been done, as such recyclability considerations have also been taken into account.

It will also be based on new industrialised constructive system with a non-intrusive installation. This will allow personalised configurations for each façade typology, orientation and local climatic conditions, always using standardised panels and technological modules. It will be cost effective in service life, with low maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly.

Finally, the solution will be demonstrated in a real building in Spain, in a region with a continental climate, where extreme conditions in summer up to (>35°C) and in winter (<0°C), covering the different seasons. The building will be monitored before and after the retrofitting with the new Retrofitting system to evaluate the performance solutions.

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